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Love this one. It's stronger than the scuba diver because I instantly associate the imagery with a book.


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Yeah, this one has a Salvador Dali feel to it - surreal and dreamy.

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Hmmm...i think these wud have worked better as ads 4 a book store. sort of like trying 2 say "even a boring, long bus journey can be interesting with a good book".


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This is wonderful. Nice art direction + unexpected message. At the first glance I thought it was an ad for a book store.

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ahhh... this is beautiful

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I come up with different theories about what this ad is trying to tell me.

1) don't read the book on the bus, you might miss your next stop.
2) read the book on our new bus, it has features that prevent you from getting motion sickness
3) read the book anywhere, it will make you smarter.
4) if you are going to read the book, might as well do it on our bus and give us some money.
5) Don't care about the concept or meaning, look at our pretty art!

I think it's the 5th one.

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I'm loving this, but perhaps i'm a bit biased considering that i'm obsessed with Alice.

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Alice in wonderland! loved it