January 2007

Strict censorship laws in Malaysia don't allow exposure of full breasts in any form of media, even if it's for Breast Cancer Awareness as in this case. Nipples of the breasts in the advertisement had to be hidden.

Creative Directors: Yasmin Ahmad, Ali Mohd.
Art directors: Zaidi Awang, Zarak M.Zain

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Copywriter: Ramanjit Singh Gulati
Photographer: Steve Koh

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trying too hard, and this once refreshing technic is so old now.

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Activity Score 316

It's a nice execution of an old idea.

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I think old execution of and old idea.
I´m sure it works, though

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ad that works Vs. creative ad

it works well, but there´s no new creativity in it!

juanguzman78's picture
Activity Score 44

Though topic you have hit here GeGeGe.
Some would say, if it works well, then it is creative.
Actually, I'm still haven't found a satisfactory answer in regards to that matter for myself.
Creativity is effective by itself. That's all I know.

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sorry yasmin.... :(

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on the thumbnail i thought 'oh no, not another wonderbra ad.'

the first thought after having read it was 'now do they want me to tear out the a page to symbolise breast amputation?'.

now as i read the line on the ad i think: it's a good idea, but unfortunately most of the mag readers wouldn't get it.

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hahaha "sorry Yasmin"...... whats that about?

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what is that to sorry about...beat it and go away if you do not know anything>>>

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He failed to impress the people in this forum... oh well GOOD try malaysia LB!!

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Boony wants a beer
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If you're going to put a pair of cans in a DPS, you gotta give us a bit of nipple action.

This exact ad was done about 5 years ago but for general skin cancer rather than breast cancer. A nice idea though. But like I said, it needs nips.

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I came across this ad while reading the magazine a short while ago (such coincidence), and didn't realize there's copy in it until I saw it here. 0_o

The problem with the actual ad is that the copy was inserted too close to the mag's spine, making it really difficult to read (unless you're on the verge of tearing the mag apart). I guess if readers don't get the copy, then this whole campaign doesn't really work ain't it.

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
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The fact that you have to look for it is the whole point. A lot of women don't find the signs of breast cancer.

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creative, but it takes sometimes to deliver the message

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awww come on..

with THAT TINY rashes, its already BREAST CANCER?

what? they dont study asian's body anatomy, skin reaction thingie ka?

Some of us live with skin rashes, allergies, scars, pimples, panau and lots more.
TAKKAN tiny rashes at the breast area can already make someone paranoid on having her breast checked.

this idea is not even new.

thinking IN THE BOX is still safer then thinking OUT OF THE BOX. when you think its 'that' good.

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