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It seems that the alchemy partnership does not works at that time.

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Scam Detector
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This is so wrong. A helmet does not necessarily symbolize a quickie.

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It doesn't? That how me and the missus always get it on.

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Wear condom instead.

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Have Heart
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no, it's 'couple gets stupid'

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chintan ruparel
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this is so not happening!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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no she doesn't - she's wearing a helmet, how is that suposed to work

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I would say that this lacks any real bite.
It's very - so what.

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la weá mala!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This is the kind of work that gives (otherwise fantastic) Singapore advertising a BAD name. It's simply atrocious..

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in one word it's just PATHETIC !!!!!!!

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Sameh Haggag

the concept is good .. but the execution is not clear .. helmet reflects safty .. not speed "over pushing" ... no ahha effect ... and which kind of creative link it belongs

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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also a helmet can look cool. This white melons should be weared on mopeds... not on bikes... and not not not in cars.

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Looks like focus group data and "broad" statistics fail again. Sex doesn't sell; good advertising sells. This is the overwhelming proof of that. Can't just stick a couple semi-nudes on a piece of glossy paper, cram that paper in a magazine, and expect people to come beating down your doors!!!

There actually has to be a legitimate connection between the consumer and the ad. This is just stupid; seriously... Wouldn't the helmet have been the first thing to go? That is, unless one of them has a terrible cold sore on their lip. Then, AND ONLY THEN, would this ad make any sense.

Plus, she's looking at the camera; so how much of a rush can they be in? Stupid ad!

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Way to miss the point.

No, sex doesn't sell - IDEAS sell.

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i guess if they are both mentally challenged, having sex with helmets on makes sense...otherwise i think the team that came up with this has was not challenged enough

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