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December 2010

Print advertisment created by Fischer, Brazil for Projeto Arrastão, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

One day, someone’s problem might be your problem too.
Projeto Arrastão wants your help to support needy children to get a head start in life.

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Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

Execution will be familiar, but still of interest to adsoftheworld visitors.

ernesto p's picture
ernesto p
Activity Score 76

una campaña de lo más fascista y estereotipada que he visto...

Vingy's picture
Activity Score 474

Creo que es una buena campaña, tal vez un poco forzada pero con una idea simple "La gente problemática se puede cruzar en tu camino, mejor ayuda a que la gente no se vuelva así"

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

This one is much weaker than the others. The idea of a good life being ruined comes through in the first two, with the wheelchair and HIV. This one's a little hard to believe.

denfilm's picture
Activity Score 406

well done

Glut's picture
Activity Score 3935

what?? Terrible ad, i agree with anne hooper.

luispedromendezb's picture
Activity Score 104

What..? the idea? Concept?