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me thinks
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I really really like the approach.

BTW, who's the copywriter?

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I love the styling, and the expressions, but replace the World Gym logo with a competitor's, and it would still work, wouldn't it? Unless I'm missing something. Great layout and photography, too bad about the generic message.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yes, it would still work with Powerhouse Gym or IronMan Gym or Concrete Jungle Gym (where'd THAT come from?) or whatever... But they took the "generic message" and made it their own and ran with it. So that when the next competitor comes after these guys with a similar message ad, World Gym already has the upper hand.

So, I always rebut this kind of comment with "Yeah, but they came up with it first." (if the campaign is worth defending that is...)

Nice take on the old "brain versus brawn."

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Weeeeeellllll, even if you use your muscles, something have to 'guide' them, right? And what guides? The brain, the head, the soul...

I think this is funny, but... ok.

Most probable thing to happen for this woman, even if she goes to gym every day, is to get slimmer, not much stronger.


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Hey dude, you're too much rational. Sometimes, use your instinct and your heart or you'll shoot down any original idea.

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I agreed. Advertising is mainly about emotions and imagination

For hire and desire ...

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Mtl Dave
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Great campain. I like the photo... very funny.

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Advertising Pawn
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That's a refreshing strategic angle for a Gym advert. I like it. A lot.


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i love this series of ads, especially when i know my brain stuck everyday sitting in front of computer only. Exercise even make you think better :P.

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great. great ad. period.

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it does not seem nice to me, constructed benefit.

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chintan ruparel
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nice approach..kinda fresh!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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good to see some CREATIVE gym ads. whooo

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You can't solve every problem with your head.

to me these guys don't seem to be able to solve ANY problem mentally... they rather look over-challenged by the situation, or even sort of brain dead (esp. no 1 & 2).

i really like how these people express both physical and mental slowness but i think the headline doesn't go 100% with it.

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good original thinking

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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nice insight. nice photography.

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Fk Mikenj
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hmm, i think this problem does not fit
everyone who can carry 1 folder can solve this ( with his/her brain )