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November 2008

Privacy of correspondence. So that private stays private.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Spree, Berlin, Germany
Creative Direction: Wolfgang Schneider, David Mously
Graphic Designer: Nina Kurowski
Copywriters: Jan Harbeck, Friederike Sinning
Service: Ute Gregoritza
Production: Sven Hannemann
Account Services: Frank Lotze, Ilan Schaefer, Jan Hendrick Oelckers
Preprint: Christoph von Bartkowski

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Activity Score 412

I don't get it.

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Guest commenter

hehe great:)

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Activity Score 1857

shouldn't the two people corresponding be the only ones not blinded by envelopes? this might work better on a photo of a double date -- something with less people. right now, it's just confusing.

consolidated.db's picture
Activity Score 545

I like the idea, but is there a better way of executing it? Just slapping an envelope over their eyes? Can't we take it further?

SeanMartin's picture

Oh my. LOL -- this is a Springer moment waiting to happen. I'm not sure how you'd take it further: it communicates *very* well for me. LOL


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

coolummes's picture
Activity Score 8

this is funny....

DengueFever's picture
Activity Score 148

Not moral but really funny.

Would have been better if it was for a chat on internet or something. For the national post it's a little bit disturbing to be agree with cheating.

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

this is funny ad.

but I agree with the above that it's not relevant anymore. not because it's disturbing for national post but because you wouldn't believe that they cheat with writing letters.

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Activity Score 40

no art direction at all...from corbis to adsoftheworld...

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commercial artist
Activity Score 62


so what would constitute art direction to you?
throw some drop shadows and photoshop filters in there?

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Activity Score 17

It just look "poor" to me taking some photos as it is from corbis, stuck some envelope on a couple of faces and then start printing.
Art direction is an added value...some effort to make things looks better than what anybody could do with a computer and an internet connection. Just my point of view. I don't see the credits for the art director either.

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Activity Score 5509

Has anyone tried to track the ad on his desktop?