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March 2008

Print advertisment created by Grey, Canada for Pringles, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Grey Canada
Creative Director: Rick Kemp
Art Director: Nicole Ellerton
Copywriter: Nicole Ellerton
Photographers: Shanghoon, Westside Studios

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Diego Jarrin's picture
Diego Jarrin
Activity Score 57

done done done!

brainzed's picture
Activity Score 652

Done for Ketchup…
(Do I really need to search for the link??)

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

no, we can imagine ;)

john doe's picture
john doe
Activity Score 1571

yep, for the first time i'd say so too...

48aaa48's picture
Activity Score 12

Heinz 10 years ago

but_why's picture
Activity Score 280

Similar device, different idea. No?

TrainRunner's picture
Activity Score 225

if you say "done" you have to give a link.

Diego Jarrin's picture
Diego Jarrin
Activity Score 57

done done done!

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

done before by dm9. gold lion at cannes if i'm not wrong.

m í t i c o's picture
m í t i c o
Activity Score 676

Recycle ideas ???

ZaboZaboZabo's picture
Activity Score 593

Tongue? Again?

mdimmer's picture
Activity Score 83

must every grey concept be shot on grey?

filipe.matiazi's picture
Activity Score 26

done done done

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

I'm getting bored of visual ads. They've lost their originality and appeal.

Tripioso's picture
Activity Score 470

Well. I like it.

And it would be god to give som elinks to compare to previous ones.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

nemesis's picture
Activity Score 765

the tongue execution has been done before.

makes me hungry for some chipotle & honey pringles, though.

obladioblada's picture
Activity Score 256


robottttrockkkk's picture
Activity Score 814

el mismo concepto del aviso de ketchup picante, de hace algunos años...

[ ]

Anne's picture
Activity Score 508
tom tong baboon's picture
tom tong baboon
Activity Score 28

Done by DM9 Sourpus and Jaymeg

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

Im so bored

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

Look! In the corner! What IS that?!

Heeeey, A LOGO!!!! It's an ad for Pringles!!

strmkid's picture
Activity Score 35

wtf is this?

you seriously can't say anything better?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

Ahem, but seriously folks...
This idea has been hashed and rehashed over and again that we all might be fed up with it by now. I know I am! But I don't hate it. Yeah, I did say to myself "not again!" But I do not hate this ad. We all got the idea immediately. We probably all got the message just by looking at the thumbnail image. That's a pretty powerful piece of visual communication. And that's probably an equivalent of driving past a billboard doing 60/mph and clearly getting what's advertised.
If I saw another "tongue" ad with the message of hot/spicy flavor, I'd probably lose my top. But then, I'd probably also walk away from the ad clearly understanding what the message was about...

LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

Very well put mister JPL. Whenever I need a copywriter, can I give you call?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

You can just gimme a call whenever you need a friend! ; )

LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

Word! >;^)

tom tong baboon's picture
tom tong baboon
Activity Score 28


idt's picture
Activity Score 44

i don't think it's relevant if it's done before. The idea is different.

For the Heinz ketchup, the visual resembled a tongue, which was also a connotation for deliciousness.

Here the tongue is out like a person would if it's burnt from something spicy. Hola! Ole.

All I hear is "done, done, done" but so frikkin' what? if it works, who the hell cares if it's been done before?

toomuchflystyles's picture
Activity Score 155

The idea is the same. The original was for hot/spicy ketchup. The tongue was not a connotation of deliciousness, but one of spiciness.

Plus, there's plenty of advertising that works. Think of anything in the shaving category. Or anything P&G. It works, and they have the testing/tracking to prove it. But I seriously doubt anyone wants to see this site littered with it.

Blue Koala's picture
Blue Koala
Activity Score 199

No more tongue.
Just an opinion.

Just an opinion.

khalsain's picture
Activity Score 264

relevant & does the job it was set out for...done or otherwise! loved it's picture
Activity Score 42

old concept

spyro_e82's picture
Activity Score 46

oh no...done!done!done!...not tongue again!!! please!

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
Activity Score 692

done, but it's so simple and it works that maybe it's not worth the effort to scratch backwards.

gordon12's picture
Activity Score 7

It's fun. I like it. Simple.

rajar's picture
Activity Score 91

used. .. and looks like a "throw up" or an "urgh" rather than a "yumm" kinda tongue. sorry.

Whitefang's picture
Activity Score 509

This is awesome.I just woke from a coma. It's 1987 right?

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

some of us are not old enough to remember 1987.

DBB's picture
Activity Score 1216

Done Done Done !!!

( like the dramatic sound... :) )