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March 2010

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB Auckland, New Zealand

Print advertisment created by FCB, New Zealand for Prime TV, within the category: Media.

Time to prioritise. Growing 7pm Sunday.
Not your usual.

Creative Directors: Billy Mcqueen, Chris Schofield
Creatives: Josh Stuart, Clara McLaurin
Retoucher: Graeme Cooper
Photographer: Chris Lewis

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A bad early 90's idea.

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Are they talking about a particular telecast?! or is it clear for the Kiwis??!


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can't get it

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atb2005's picture
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Tagline "not your usual" does support visual (here, a dog placed or living in a field where it does not belong). That means this network is different from others or what they air on Sunday at 7pm is different from what most other networks air. The copy is interesting, but a little confusing. I'm not sure what they mean by "it's time to prioritize" and "get growing 7pm".

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i think it means put ur garden before ur dog S )

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I am guessing Growing 7 pm Sunday means growing the audience during that time. "Time" to prioritize which means that time or the day should be more important than others. The last copy 'Not your usual' ties all this up saying that during this time, regular programming changes or evolves into something much more.

Kind of complicated, its trying to say too much with very little visual backing. Don't appreciate it.

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