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February 2013

Print advertisment created by TBWA, Argentina for Prime Condoms, within the category: Health.

Prime. Maximum Security Condoms.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\BUENOS AIRES, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Juan Cruz Bazterrica, Guillermo Castañeda
Creative Director: Roberto Leston
Art Director: Fernando Serra
Copywriter: Nicolás Centroni
Agency Producer: Sergio Palermo
Illustrator: Marcos Santos

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manamana's picture
Activity Score 7

clap clap clap
I ve been enjoying and appreciating each situation.

talkingisfree's picture
Activity Score 2712

Boom. Now this is a different idea in an overdone brief. Nicely done. Like it a lot.

auliviet's picture
Activity Score 179

Effective ad with a nice art

alexander22's picture
Activity Score 5

Talkingisfree, it's personification. do you think it is a different idea?

talkingisfree's picture
Activity Score 2712

That is not the idea.
The idea is pointing the condom as a maximum security prison where you cannot escape.
If the personification itself was the idea, it would be the same if they were in prison, in the disco or on the beach.
The personification is just a side thing to make it all fun, likable to watch and alive. You could make the same idea as a photographic photo of a prison shaped as a condom. But it would suck.

alexander22's picture
Activity Score 5

a prison as a condom do not suck to me.
i think the personification it is a part of the idea, not the way to do it.
perhaps we should think about how they thought, if they thought on the concept and how to develop it or just thought "sperm prisoners"
excuse my english

bakamono's picture
Activity Score 1002

Makes me think that all sperm is evil and babies will become criminals so we might as well never have kids. Find this ad very negative. Maybe they are advertising prison brand of condoms.

Over thinking?

because therefore it is

mageye's picture
Activity Score 2

No not overthinking at all. It is indeed a very cynical advert

I agree with what you say. First of all I looked at it thought about it and it was fun but the bottom line here is that 'you don't want to unlock all that potential evil on the world do you?'

So there's a good boy wear a conny!

Now let me think of a religion that may really not like this. Well let's not go there. LOL

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Activity Score 51044

I like the effort...

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Activity Score 167


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Show me the money
Activity Score 356

Why the inmates are happy? Is it a prison or a carnival? Nope.

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Activity Score 1418


Siddarth Basavaraj's picture
Siddarth Basavaraj
Activity Score 1673

i like effort put in there. Funnily nice. Good work

Love creating ads..

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Activity Score 17

Very nice!!!!! it's really cool

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Activity Score 1170

And to think you gave this the golden award, while you gave TedX a Bronze...

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Activity Score 91

I definitely think the TedX should've gotten gold. This is a good ad but the Ted ad is much better.

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Activity Score 818

nice work

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Orlando Andrade
Activity Score 124

Funny idea.

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Activity Score 4

Funny illustration!!