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June 2009


Print advertisement created by Havas, France for PriceWaterHouseCoopers, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Havas, France
Art Director: Silke Neumann
Copywriter: Sylvain Louradour
Photographer: Franck Goldbronn
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Wouldn't there be a trail in the sand behind the stone block he's pushing?

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There's probably no trail because the block likely isn't moving. Part of the point of the ad I think. Be of more interest to have some idea of how the block got there to begin with.

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no it wouldn't since he can't actually push it, right? he can merely try and that's about it. btw, ad sucks. sure it states one lifes great truths but yet says nothing on topic of why PWC is special. i.e. they could put any logo down there.

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how did the blocks get there? and why are they all different sizes? and why is one side of the block he's pushing angled? the building blocks were uniform cubes. the angled surface was added once all the blocks were in place. point being, the production of this turd is as bad as the idea in the first place.

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Come on,
"Build project that will last"? That was SLAVES whiped by guards!
If so the only point I see here, is that PriceWaterHouseCoopers is taking advantage of people like rulers did those pyramids times.

That's a shot in a knee.

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Boring concept. Body copy doesn't quite sing.

Of course you can build something by yourself that lasts - it just takes longer that's all.

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a man's worst nightmare starts when he is able to do as he likes.

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c tout pourri ouais ...... et les gars sont assez fier de ce truc pour le foutre online ....

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I think the headline is weak, not to mention that the body copy could have been smaller and another typeface would do

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Message is clear.

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