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January 2010

Print advertisment created by Rethink, Canada for Predator Watch, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Attention predators: undercover officers are online

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Lisa Lebedovich
Copywriter: Rob Tarry
Photographer: Lindsay Siu
Studio artist: Richard Parkes

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J Designer
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Ok, the message is clear. But that’s the only good thing about these adverts. The Photoshoping is terrible! Surly it wouldn’t have taken as much effort to get kid masks made and hired models to wear them?

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Roshan Quintus
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ok fine what else they could have done pls ?

bite me

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lol, yeah, i'd really like to hear this...


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Well I do think they could have at least taken photos with a plain mask and put the image of the child on that. I do like the idea, but it's the final small details that would make it all the better.

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J Designer
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I completely agree. I love the idea and the copy is great too. Even the layout is great…it’s just the image need more impact.

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this is award material.


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seems like it's your idea... and honestly, far from "award material"...

gmint7's picture
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this is not my idea, and i WISH i'd come up with this.
(i wonder how you even COME to conclusion that this seems to be my idea)

and if it's award materialor not?
how about me and you make bet? anyone agree ?


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i think it's superb... brilliant idea...

- Life Feeds on Life -

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copy is good, concept even better. But artwork in my opinion is just scary!

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Schirone's picture
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if it's shown that is so easy to spot an undercover agent, why should i be scary about this people...?
the message here is:

we're really bad at going undercover.

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

thedesignaddict's picture
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Your interpretation is too literal. Lighten up.

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i won't comment on the idea and execution. it's just straight forward, this one. i would love to see a media plan for this campaign tough. was this posted in subway stations? in the streets? in magazines? online? cause it's just so...delicate this subject...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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Creatively bland, but message straight...

Interesting only...

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Great copy and clever idea. The photoshop looks fine. I don't understand what changing the ad into real models, with real masks would change? Wouldn't look clean and would be shoddy in my opinion. To be honest the route of photoshop is ideal to achieve a clean look especially for something like this.

To Schirone : I don't know if you're purposely or accidentally just didn't read the copy. It's an ad for ONLINE predators. Therefore undercover agents can't be seen, it's just showing you a clever standpoint of what they would be doing (masking themselves as children : screen names, etc) seriously, how do you stand looking at 75% of the ads on this site if you're going to take everything so literal lol?

Usually I just log on here to see the new ads and such, but its funny when people trash on perfectly good ads so I finally made an account to give my 2 cents.

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I don't get what's the point of these ads. For me it seems they are giving the preadators some advises to be more carefull.
I think undercover officers should be secret to catch the bad guys.
If they can't do it online they will do it in the streets

gmint7's picture
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the point is exactly like what you thought. predators == be more careful "WATCH OUT"

the story is, these cops act as (or pretend to speak like) child in the online chatrooms to trap potential perverts. that is how they've been catching online criminals.

so you were quite right.

hope it helped :)


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