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and, so, where is the advantage of using this drill?

federo's picture
Activity Score 781

and, so, where is the advantage of using this drill?

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I agree, and the retouching is marginal at best.

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Agreed. I don't want something to destroy my wallpaper/wall.

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agree again. It's a visual exaggeration that doesn't actually show the benefit. A powerful and fast drill would do the exact opposite and go through cleanly, only a slow clunky drill would tear or in any way alter the wallpaper around the hole.

Try using a drill that's running low on batteries and won't spin at the correct speed and you'll see a similar (though less exaggerated) impact on your drill holes where they will tear the paper. Don't be a dope like me kids! keep your cordless drill batteries charged!

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federo, are you down today??

the drill si very powerful, simple...

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exactly,agree, agree

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cute. solid. pretty good.

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está la zorra, super chori ese taladro.
creativity chile la está rompiendo!!!

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chaqutero 2.0, do yo have life??

carry on Creativity!!

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buena la dirección de arte.... pero el nombre "creativity" requiere gran responsabilidad cabros....

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no compraria ese taladro nunca, me malogra las paredes!

[ ]

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this ad is cool for ad people. it would never really fly with a do-it-yourselfer. at least in the states.
the men here are all about their tools.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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You and cullers are dead-on sburns4. With all due respect, apparently a lot of my fellow ad critics know nothing about drills or basic physics. The problem here is that this visual is NOT a positive result. The faster/more powerful the drill, the cleaner the hole will be. Only a slow/weak drill would grab the wall paper and make it spin. As an avid do-it-yourselfer, the last thing I want is for anything to grab my wall paper. I want a clean hole. But as an ad guy- I get it, the screw was put in the wall with so much power it twisted the wallpaper. (hardy, har-har, funny visual). But as the target, this is absolutely NOT a good thing and I'd never buy this drill.

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ahhh. thats kinda true.. i remember my lousy drill cracked the ceramics tile too...

ad people like it
real user hate it

lets blame the planners for all these.


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ohh come on. don't get so anal. who are you? account people?

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the ad shows a powerful (can't be torn) wallpaper not drill

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Its interesting... NOT the advt. But some of the posts...

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Im not down. Just real. We are no more in the century of the easy joke, the little resource: we must be real, we must use insights. I wouldn´t buy a drill wich do that thing to my walls. Thats all. And let me say one more thing: I think in that country, Chile, you have people trying to be "cleverer" than the cleverest. AND WE NEED TO THINK! WE NEED REALITY! come on guys, come on.

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you mean you actually believe the drill does that??

WE NEED TO THINK come on buddy...

for an ad that make you laugh and remember it within 7 sec .. you have to admit you like it.


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this ad works more for the wallpaper

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Hey chk out GSK panadol new creatives

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ha ha ha ha it

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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puedo opinar?
I say?

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... aaaaahhhh! Me gusta la idea, sólo cambia el fondo de la pared, no pongas papel de comural, mejor el cemento puro. Da la impresión que el pequeño tornillo se enredó en el papel y se fue en banda. Eso.