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It's a great ad it really give you the feeling that we are out of space.. It successfully delivering the idea.

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neat work!

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great Art direction.

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Is it me or theres a mistake in spelling. The first of the last 3 lines it says ORGANISATIONS shouldnt be with Z.

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American spelling.

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Finally an ad with a headline on it. About bloody time, I’m all for not spoiling a fantastic image with oversized headlines, but lets face it some shots need to be smothered.
I suppose you could say great art direction but no it isn’t, it’s good typography, all be it from the same bloke.
As a typo I like it a lot.
Maybe we should have more type orientated work put up as well as all the other stuff.
Most art directors I know, and I know a hell of a lot, tend to throw scribbles into studios and hope some one in the mosh pit can polish the turd they have layed, then of course take the credit if it gets up for something.
Rant over, still bloody nice work well done lads.

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MADE in the USA
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Canada has 100’s and 100’s of thousands of uninhabited acres so do America, Great Britain, Africa Australia, Russia, South America and Central Europe.

It’s fine work, It has a great look.. I’m just not sure I get the point.

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Canada has nearly uninhabitable land, actually. The point is, overcrowding is happening.

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Nicely Crafted, Great Work!