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August 2008

Print advertisment created by McCann, Sweden for Polar Music Prize, within the category: Professional Services.

Pink Floyd meet the most powerful soprano of our time.

Advertising Agency: Storakers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Henric Almquist
Copywriters: Hanna Belander, Bjorn Hjalmar
Photographer: Sven Prim

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Yep, nice. But shouldn't it be 'meets' instead of 'meet'?

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They use Pink Floyd as plural, so it's 'meet' here and 'are' in the other ad.

SeanMartin's picture

And they are incorrect. It's singular, not plural.

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Agree. It should be singular.

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Not necessarily. It isn't uncommon to use band names as plural in British English.

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this debate seems to be over a declarative sentence, except this one happens to be imperative. pink floyd is the second person, they're telling the band to meet the soprano. it' a different verb tense entirely. they could've used a comma, too.

then again, i could just be wrong. i just saw that the pig ad screwed up the conjugation as well.

SeanMartin's picture

*Technically* (sorry, son of sn English teacher), you'd want a comma if it's supposed to be telling Pink Floyd to do something. "Pink Floyd, play a song. Pink Floyd, meet the singer that messed with your cover art." But Pink Floyd -- a singular group -- required a singular verb: "meets", not "meet". Exception to the rule, the Beatles -- singular group, but expressed with a plural noun.

Okay, now I need a little lie-down. :)

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Again, this is common practice in British English. "Pink Floyd are a good band", etc.

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Henry Higgins (and by extension George Shaw) would roll his eyes in mild disgust. :)

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Very cool, however similar idea to the greek broken plate ad that everyone on this site panned.

MINAKA MORI's picture
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I don't care a lot about singular or plural but the ad is goood.

And the glass shattering, good photoshop

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lame 80's style ad. next

SeanMartin's picture

And I'd be curious to know how you pigeonhole this as "80s style".

Guest's picture

hahaha 80's???????? hahahaha how do you figured? not at all, anyway the most iconic paste of rock generally, and floyd particulary,
....a big horraaaaa!!!!!! to Hipgnosis. You know what i mean designers

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almost forget it, great photoshop!!!

pd. hunk.