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ypyng chong
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Too much unwanted copy.

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HEY. Pinguines and bears can't do that. I think squirells (or goofers) neither. Couldn't they pick different animals? Or is it part of the concept.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Of course they can't. It's advertising, not the National Geographic. Everything is allowed as long as it delivers the message! :)

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ha ha ha
gud answer agree with u ivan

like the idea and the art direction

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don't agree with "everything is allowed" part.
you just making a joke, i believe.

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Dalbir Singh
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Wonder why they didn't use a Kangaroo?


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Probably because they felt it was too obvious or close to the name.

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You had me at 'Even the neighbor's son can fit'. I would try to integrate the logo on the scrap with the car. Good work.

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Charlie Pratt
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Too much unwanted copy? I hope that's sarcasm!

Funny ad. I actually like this car better because of this ad.

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I am so much in love with these animals for being the reason for adverting for Car like that. Nice

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Cute idea, but for one... Pengiuns are found in the antarctic while polar bears are in the arctic.,, and for the neighbor's son to fit in, it must be one helluva neighbourhood...
Clever tagline... Wonder if this is what they had in mind when this copy was drafted...

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Nice ads...Ivan i argeed with u too...

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not good.

even the most dumb people will ask yourself "Pinguines are like Kangaroo or Koala, with that 'bag' to carrie babies?"

if someone tell me WHY (intentionally) they choose animals that DONT have a "bag" to carrie babies, i retrieve my word.

and, please, the reason why choose "wrong" animals can not be just to "not be obvious", this is amateurism.

professionals do obvious look like new, fresh, but allways have a sense, a intention, is not just to pretend to be different.

every good advert is obvious, but the new angle or aproach give to the obvious something new that do people feel impact, feel that "Oh, why i never thought like that way before!"

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Agree... "Oh, why I never thought like that way before!" is the most wanted line in advertising...

To bad this ad doens't deserve it...

Keep on working dudes

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do you guys work in advertising?
what's good about this?
the idea is average, the retouching is average and more importantly there is no truth in the idea.
how is anyone supposed to relate to this?
it's wallpaper, very, very ordinary stuff.

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I didn't know that penguins, bears and squirrels were marsupials. This sucks.