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mansur?? engin?? i dont know noone of this names... so, for me, this means nothing.
seems to be interesting, but just for turkish people...
before i wrote this, i search for the names on the net to understand tha ads, but i dont know turkish language and not even culture...
please, someone help?

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Firstly, where are you from? Searching the names of the people, I think you are great. We -turkish advertisers- have an award -not the best one but the only one-, named crystal apple (crystal: clear message, apple: target, like Wilhelm Tell). This ads won the big press ad award at 2007. This is about a newspaper. It shows that the viewpoint of the newspaper writers. Well, I think it is not a good strategy but also not a bad one. Surely, it is not a fair game-award system-, this agency have something unsolved -maybe they have stained issues, and blotted past-, they try to clean this issues by getting big awards. try to google cenajans, nail kecili, cenajans grey etc.

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ah, award, congrats.

well, the names of the journalists are not important maybe, but what kind of arthicles they write it is.
that one with the cockroach, for example, Engie write about what? insects? Engie have a point of view on what? he write about politics? economics? this make a huge diference for me.
so, i search the names to discovery this by myself and get the whole idea, i made this because i am from the Ad World, and you?

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Engin Ardic writes about political issues in general.
Deniz Gokce football journalist (not sport)

They are not important be sure. Because if you would know their name, style, point of view you still wouldn't be understand anything. Because ads are not telling anything. For example i always read Engin Ardic's articles. He has an agressive style. But as you said, what about the insect relation? So don't worry :) Even Turkish people got nothing from these ads. Another point. Turkish people also never seen these ads (!) because they made for that "Kristal Elma" (means crystal apple in Turkish) contest. Probably published on a silly magazine red by nobody. You can easily see by these ads how a contest can be manipulative and adherent.

Here is the definition

Kristal Elma: is a contest that jury of the contest distribute the awawrds between themselves

So... As a result... Conclusion...

Please do not try to understand these ads and please do not waste your time by making research about Turkish journalists for understanding the ads. You can never understand... They are meaningless. The time which you will be understanding these works, that the time you beginning see them in an international contests.

Muju Muju dfgdfgdfgdfg !

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Just the visual is exciting... I almost "get it" from that alone. I'm sure if I understood the whole thing I would like it even more. Nice work.

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If I'm getting it it says these people/artists "think/thought different" without saying "think different.
Kinda cool.
If it's not saying that, it sucks! ;-)

Oh. Just read that it's for a newspaper, so I guess it does!
(Unless these writers are REALLY well-known.)
Would be cooler if it was for a museum artist exhibition.

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Ha! Exhibit!

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So the message of these ads is that the journalists who work for this newspaper interpret reality the way their twisted minds see the world.

Well done!