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The only thing I feel is a tickle of my breakfast in the back of my throat. Guess it depends where you put this. In the tube maybe, where people don't have anything else to do. But for a long copy ad this is sort of weak.

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is this a novel? or one page of the novel....perhaps they can put in MRT, or some place people need to wait for something. But....really a very different approach for an ad.

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it aint very different.. many ads use suggestive copy to draw a link to their product.. especially food products..

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im not sure what to think of this one.
on one hand i kinda like the copy.
but there is a side of me that is saying 'so what'.

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yeah. it's "creative". But is it really helping (or selling) the product.

A lot of people could write creatively about an object. But is it strategically sound?

I'm not all-the-way convinced.

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not too bad for their offline advertising prefer their online advertising. =) but I guess it suits their target audiences and it will work well wether they put it in the MRT or newspaper or magazine because when people are bored they would start reading the signs particularly longer ones while having nothing to do. I am one of em :D

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I respect the attempt, but it doesn't really work for me. If you're doing a long-copy ad like this, the copy has to be razor-sharp.. flawless... compelling.

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Slim, you are so right. For an ad with this much copy (and such bland art direction) the copy needs to be extremely witty and engaging. It is not.

Points for trying to revive long copy tho.

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as a student i've been continually scolded for using the whole hey-look-at-the-way-i-can-bring-sex-into-this-ad-and-get-your-attention approach. but even then, i can't help but giggle a bit...

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The only issue I have with ads for food/candy/drink type product is that usually, its the packaging that
stays in my mind..

I remember what it looks like, along with thte name.. and thats when I buy it

here, no way will I remember the product...

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merle fernandez
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Straight out of a paperback. Congratulations for smartly using
advertising puffery, err, the thesaurus.
You certainly know, dearie, that this won't work with bread abd butter account.