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Slightly better than the other more obvious two because it is so daft, but still only gets a 4/10 from me.

It's only an ad.

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special k
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hey olivier!
how's going your "director experience"?

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i like em. A+

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Very good. It has a very different idea than any of us wouldhave. At least, the major part of advertisers. I mean that the normal thing would just be a baby wearing the nice clothes from Vanille-Fraise and a copy saying its confortable. This is idea is really good. But I really don't know if the regular moms would understand this one. Maybe the dad's, that know what all that dirt means because of the prision brake movies!
In God I trust

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I think this one works the best of the three. It's kinda cute and modern. I like the perspective, and the tagline is great. Good work.