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will this fabric softener protect my baby from sharp objects?
this is really weird.

cool illustrations though Sérgio.


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reminds me of the "cigarettes kill" ads done by silk cigarettes (if i remember the client right). everything was made out of knives. those had a smart thought to them that these are lacking. but they look good.

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Eu achei legal, mas poderia fazer mais sentido: não é bem como o bebê vê o mundo, afinal, ele não vai comprar o produto. É mais como a mãe vê o mundo ao redor de seu filho.


I like it, except that it could make a little more sense: It's not like the baby sees the world, since it won't be buying anything. It's like his mom sees the world arround him.

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El niño es tan frágil que siente que loq e le rodea es así de peligroso??

Bueno, la idea no tiene nada nuevo pero el retoque digital y la imagen esta muy buena.

Se opina en español y en portugues....

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for all of you who don't habla espanol.

El niño is spanish for...
The Niño!


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Imagine walking around the neighborhood in that gizmo with a spiked-collar bulldog in tow.
You're set to be feared for LIFE!!

This reminds me of the ad with fish made up of all sorts of cutlery that Carmichael did for some fishing line a while ago. The idea being with their fishing line, your catch will remain a catch.

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To draw attention to the sharp nature of things, then to set the product against a pointy starburst. Hmmmm.

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they're threatening young parents.
"you have the choice: either you buy our product or else a contraption like the one showed above is going to do harm to your baby"

this gives me a great idea for a baby food ad: a huuuge dirrrty bottle of rrrrat poison, with a huuuuge flaming skull on the half torn off caution label saying "HARRHARRHARR!" (written in blackletter of course)

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Show me your 'baby' research! ;D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Mad Max took my baby...

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Crazy catholic. Hasn't he got enough??!! ;D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Scuba Steve
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"It slices and Dices Cold Cuts in five different shapes and sizes! ORDER NOW!"

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bad copy......

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It took less than 3 sec to understand... the rest is secondary. Great!

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I totally agree.

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less than 3 seconds to understand what?

that if you don't buy this detergent your baby will get knives in her diaper?


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In principle, this approach makes sense, and the technical aspects of the design and rendering are very well done, but the text that makes the connection between the visual concept and the product is so small. I see this happen a lot. I think it happens when designers are so proud of their visual that they don't want to block or distract from it with the text. The thing is that in a concept like this, the text is necessary to give the visual component its context.


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is that true!???!!!

::son of mount malang::copywriter of matakreasi
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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maybe R2DT's baby sees the world like that.

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The intern just saw this over my shoulder and said "i'd hire them to make nice pictures, but not ads!". So there.

Overexaggeration works sometimes - but not like this. Your kid's not going to stab himself with a staticky sock or poke his eye out with a wool shirt.