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the best one

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good one... made me laugh...

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oh riiiiiiiiiight I can't wait to go into a burger king and eat with drug dealers, hookers and pimps!

sure it made me laugh but I CANNOT believe this wasn't just completely dismissed.

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I like the heads.
don't understand why this kind of art, though...

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For me, it's like "midnight" or "nightmare" kind of style.
works very well with the "open late" message.

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yeah, I got that. just that it doesn't add nothing.

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Eahh )) XCLNT!

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Damn!!!!...that so strong

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Luz Valdez
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Whack them with oversized rotten leather shoes, shove it up their yucky nicotined gums and teeth. Puke.

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The lines are good but the art direction is bleak.

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wow, really nice campaing.

good job bleublancrouge.. Allezz québec¡¡¡

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Ok, i like the campaign but this one went too far.
NO WAY burger king would approve this. the other, yes, but not this one in a zillion years.

if they did, please tell me, because never again i'll eat in a BK late at night (i don't want to be in trouble).

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risky?! Have u seen what crispin did on the whopper back order in US ?! Bk is known as a very open minded client who know very well how to talk to their crowd

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teenie's comment (down in the page) is exactly what i think: to shock just for the shock is not good advertising at all.

yes, i've ssen crispin's work... bk is very open minded??? in the states maybe, not all over the world, my friend... believe me.

but hey, i like the other ads, i just think this one went too far, that's all.

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Very risky campaign, like it!

Jonathan Betancur

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The copy feels too easy, but looks like I'm in the minority.

Unless you're advertising to pimps and hookers, how is this supposed to entice you to go to Burger King at night - or any time? Feels like the shock value was used for shock value, and not to sell.