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thes one is ok. maybe some one from spain notised marlon brando, but did not get him?

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yes, this is the only one that works.
'marley' shouldn't be signed with B. Marley.
and Shakespeare is waaaaaaaay off.

but I like the concept. shouldn't be done with this studio shot imho. that would create more believable context.

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Hard time for the ghost ads. Agency do not have necessarly the money to do the ad properly.
Sure that if it wass an old photo found in an old magazine, it would have been much better.

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Same idea, done long before and way better:

(btw: has anybody a link to a good ad archive? no offence ivan, aotw is a wonderful site, but searching for stuff sucks ;))

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POST IT AND BIC are not not the same

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no, but the idea is :P

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This is Marlon Brando around 1950. Post-Its were invented in the 1980s. So it doesn't work for me.

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exactly what i thought.

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Do you have any idea what the product is about?
Think before you ad!

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'ad' as in 'adding a comment here' or as in 'making this kind of ad'? ;)

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Both. But I was talking about "this kind of ad" ;)

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It doesn't really works for me, because the product is for Long lasting adhesive, not Post-It being around for a long time. Second of all, there's too much copy. Unfortunately It's always the same with Dominican Advertising, the lack of budget hurts the final outcome. I wish people would Try to make it work without a headline for a change. And finally, if you're gonna exaggerate about time, Go big, Try a post-It note from Jesus, or maybe King Tut (tutankamon). But the person who really is to blame for is the creative director that didn't pushed back on the guys to come up with a better execution..

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Pass me that Glitter. I've got Turds to polish

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I actually don't have any prob. with this ad, what i do have a problem with, something that is far more important than a good concept, is translation-please people get some help, it must be done the right way!

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copywriter out!

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