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very little thought in this ad...sorry O& connection at all

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If you are smart enough to write a negative sentence and repeat it four times, then you are smart enough to figure it out the connection.


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This is a great, simple idea. For a very tough assignment (airline price deal.) Nice one. Very nice. Oh and, the cheesy-coolness of the shots is perfect. Awesome.

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they're not that bad. nice idea me thinks

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Phuket this ad. Well, not totally. I just wonder why bad english is continually preferred over a countries native language. I don't know much about Singapore, but if I wrote an ad in Spanish, let's say, I'd make damn sure to get the Spanish perfect. The line here just sounds unnatural.

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And yes, I realize the irony of making a typo or two in a post about bad English. Yikes!

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I don't think it sounds unnatural.

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i suggest you research before you comment.

english is the first language used in singapore.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I agree AND disagree with you.

Singapore's common/legal/first language IS English. And there's NOTHING wrong with the line here.
That said, I totally agree with your obsevation about rampant use of mangled English in ads that are created in non-English speaking countries and their citizens they're supposedly targeted at. I shouldn't be frustrated because I'm not their audience, but when they start showing up at prominant awards shows, I feel EXTREMELY ANNOYED and indignant.
This trend is particularly noticeable in European and Scandinavian countries (Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, etc.) and South American countries whose native languages are predominantly either Spanish or Portugese.
Most of the time it's easy to dismiss them as pure entertainment for us native English speakers and just laugh at them.
But I, like you, feel strongly that they should just stick to their own language and just concentrate on coming up with something that is smart and conceptual.
Good and simple ideas ALWAYS break through any language barrier in my opinion...

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This is trash! And I mean it in a good way. Love the cheesy gradient. Oh, I don't see anything wrong with this line. Kindly explain. Maybe it's just interpretation.

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Sounds like English to me.

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Though it's not any fantastic campaign, but the ideas are still there. Maybe can improve on the visuals and come out wif better layout.

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Simple and fun idea! LOVE it! 70's WAS cheap! =)

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Bad england speaking comments evry wear. ooppies.