Phone book

February 2008

Unlimited talktime P699 a month.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Manila, The Philippines
Executive Creative Director: David Guerrero
Creative Directors: James Bernardo
Art Director: Joni Caparas
Copywriters: James Bernardo, Maui Reyes
Producer: Al Salvador
Computer Artist: Oliver Brillantes
Account Executives: Edg Samson, Carlo Medina, Paolo Broma

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Activity Score 98

Old idea.

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Really? Who did it first?

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Activity Score 1953

freakin' irritating bugger

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Activity Score 211

This is unbeleavable

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Hmmm, I would say that one is enough, and the best one (in my opinion) is the classifieds one. Good ad.

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qqqq bad very very very bad

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By student in creative workshop, several years ago.

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WHY they had to force a phone in every ad? It could have worked even without it.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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i think bayan tel is good but really in alot of ways its also a bad fone bc the fone looses signal alot n when the fone is used more then 20mins the fone tends to get hot n i have to wait again to use it after it cools off. n alot of times i have to keep calling the bayan tel fone n some of the times the call im tryin to make doesnt go through. i wish that the company really looked in this fone before selling there product to people in the philippines. i thought it was a good fone n had good signals but after using it for just days i started to c all the problems bayan tel fone had. i was so so disappointed bc i came back to the states hoping that i can call the philippines but as ive said the bayan tell had so much problems . n times when i used it sometimes i can hear other peoples voice which i was wondering y the fone could pick up other signal to other fones with bayan tel. ive also notice that if u bring the bayan tel in different areas in the philippines it looses signal n its very very upseting . the company should really do something about this problem its really a big big issue with this fone i dont know if its just me or other people thats having this problem like i do. but if i would rate the bayan tel fone i would rate it 1-10 a (3). if ur a new buyer for this fone i would really think about it before u guys get one bc this fone has soo much problems. n ive read alot of complains with bayan tel fones n there prolly sayin the same thing im sayin right now . bayan tel isnt the best fone to have if this company has respect for there customers bayan tel company really should look n test ur fones ur selling bc it looks like bayan tel company just made this fone without even looking down on the problems bayan tel fone would have its really disappointing bc my family is like getting ripped off of paying for the bills for bayan tel n this is the kind of problems we get out of the fone. i really dont know if the bayan tel company would do anything about the problems this fone is having im sori but this fone isnt the best fone for international fone.

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this fone is the worst worst worst fone to have if u leave in the states to call family in the philippines i hope that the company would really really really do something about this damm fone.its really really not the best fone out there. i live here in the USA n everytme i go to call the fone back home in the philippines its always always having problems. plz i advice new buyers think b4 u buy this dam fone ur jus goin to get ripped off even if u complain about the problems ur having with bayan tel fone the company wont do anything about it trust me i called more then 4 times already n still the company didnt do sh*t about the fone . well wat can we do its the philippines everything they make always breaks or if its not that it jus wont work good. n im paying 40$ a month for this dam fone. all people know is getting the money from customers n not even worried about the problems there customers r having with this dam fone.. n i was laughing wen i saw on the TV about bayan tel they said it was the best fone to use for familys in abroad but it isnt lol.. no its not.. hell no its not the best its the worst dam fone tat ever came out lol... so think about it before getting this dam fone .. i hope some other company in the philippines would make a different fone then wat i hav now. money is everything to them to the company of bayan tel but the customers problems arent a problem to the company its jus all about the money that there getting through there bayan tel fone which sucks sooo soooo sooooo soooooo soooo much..... the fone is sh*t !

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the fone is as worst as the ad