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Nice prank!

Great ad for MTV.

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A mix of two great campaigns: visually is much the same of Almap's "Eye Care Foundation". The concept is the same of Portugal's "Great Ideas come when you're awake".

See ya,

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4 ads on the same idea. work harder, don't take too much nap at the office!

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Radoslav Minchev
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Phd Campaign :))))

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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there is a major category missing in these... women.
i agree with mrtalented, 4 ads, same execution. they could have worked other disguises or tricks. like a cot under the desk where the person is sleeping while some kind of office appliance has been placed in the chair and is dressed up to look like the employee.
i like the idea, but am dissapointed to see 4 of the exact same thing.

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It's hard to find bold women. See ya,

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you aren't looking hard enough. :)

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There are plenty of bold women around my friend, I am married to one. However, if you're looking for women who have lost hair (ie. bald) could be a stretch.

Sorry to be a spelling-nazi.

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instinctive tra...
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plus, why would she have to be bald. there are lots of ways to disguise oneself without having to shave your hair or be blessed with baldness. i'd like to see some other ways done!

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Excellent idea, and very good execution. But the face made from hair it's too exagerated. But it works couse u can read it.

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I agree, it would have been better if they did more variety.

It reminds me of my passed-out, drunken college days.

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yeah that's what i thought, too. passed out and "decorated" students.

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Mtl Dave
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Very funny!

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cool and funny. BTW, this might be a good camouflage in a classroom. An ad for a hairdresser maybe? I think kids would go crazy about this...:)

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It's been done!!!! Was shortlist in Cannes for MTV... two years ago!!!!!!!

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i really like it

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The person responsible for the font should have this done to their hair.