Louann von Brochwitz

August 2013

International Contortion Model Louann von Brochwitz is no stranger to the extreme posing but now she’s doing it with a cause. The mathematician and fashion model has teamed up with PETA to share her views on animal cruelty: She points out that she deliberately only buys cosmetics that are not tested on animals, is absolutely boycotting factory farming, refuses to wear fur and in the first place doesn't want animals to spend their life in a cage for any reason.

Animals have no desire to be your slave.
The circus is no fun for animals.

Photographer: Jerry Fill

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DesignDine's picture
Activity Score 1313

Strong and straight. Liked it.

Inkwell's picture
Activity Score 148

I'll take three. Load 'em in the truck.

Agree or disagree with PETA, their ads always attract attention.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

horrible ad, just stupid.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50582

This ad to me just stinks.

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Activity Score 16

You know, Louann looks as if this mode of containment is chic.