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October 2010

Print advertisment created by The Brand Agency, Australia for Perth Zoo, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Springtime has come to the Zoo

Advertising Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Garry Horner
Art Director: Rikki Burns
Copywriter: Josh Edge
Producer: Philipa Groom
Account manager: Sharon Chalwell
Production company: Cream Studios

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Guest's picture

Looks like the front legs are crossing over. A bit weird.

morse's picture
Activity Score 18024

I don't understand the idea here.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Guest's picture

Great, it's amazing artwork.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498

Cutesy art. Cutesy idea.

Unless it's for GIRAFFE TAMPONS!!!!???

Noooo, it's not for giraffe tampons. :(

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

spanish eyzzz's picture
spanish eyzzz
Activity Score 8

mmm ... is this giraffe pregnant ?????? ... what is the idea !! they get pregnant in summer or something ??

andyStock's picture
Activity Score 666

That giraffe just looks wierd. And what is the message?

shahidali's picture
Activity Score 4069

The giraffe is hopping and dancing cause spring has come. Not a world changing idea but pretty clear to me unless i'm wrong. Children should like the visual.


D.B.'s picture
Activity Score 66

I thought it was pretty clear too, cute visuals to match that will appeal to the young ones.

Guest's picture

a giraffe cant bend its legs like that. Just search on Google images under Giraffes drinking at water

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

that is one creepy looking giraffe. if i was a kid those crab legs would give me nightmares

AssassinX's picture
Activity Score 1329

I'd love to know why this one got such a high mark.

shaun1800's picture
Activity Score 293

@ guest, a giraffe can't bend its legs? Yeah see this is an ad...things are possible that aren't possible in real life. It's cute but not amazing.

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8532

I agree, not amazing but still cute. Art direction is weird, I mean, it's so empty on the right side.

esalash's picture
Activity Score 24

When a giraffe is happy because the Spring has come, she jumping like a kangaroo or a gazelle… even if she lives captive in the Perth zoo… Anyway, do you know what a creative license is?

andyStock's picture
Activity Score 666

Yes, I know what a creative license is... it means people are free to create adverts as rubbish as this one.

mireia's picture
Activity Score 356

hahahaha made me laugh

Guest's picture

very good and creative and the idea is very clear to those who know nothing about creativity or anything related to it, keep up

Guest's picture

The poor animal looks like its missing its femur. I get the idea of it skipping around all happy in the spring time but the missing biology just ruins the effect. if your going to include animals in your work it pays to research and know the biology. The idea is mediocre but not terrible but the stubby legs missing bones just make it look amateurish.