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May 2007

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Brazil for Pepsi, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Don't sleep at the party

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa, Luiz Sanches, Roberto Pereira
Art Director: Gustavo Victorino
Copywriter: José Luiz Martins

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joelapompe's picture
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Don't ask me why but they did it again... the very same campaign was done in Brazil too, 3 years ago in 2004 for MTV !!! With exactly the same jokes!!! Made by Age Comunicacao, you can see it on Cannes Archive Online and soon on my website :

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Marcel Crawford
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Oh...It seems to be another punch on Almap's stomach...

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Done before, I´ve seen the concept 100 times, whats going on with almap, regular art, bad concept.

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You know what the one thing in this world that I love is? Collages. God, I love collages. If I could put a collage on every wall of my apt, I'd be in heaven. Bartender! Collages all around!

Have an original thought for god's sake.

Rog's picture
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Too easy. Soft. Fluff. And this doesn't actually feel right for the brand to me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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had to enlarge the pics to see the hilarity, oh college.

... its already been done...

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I don't know whats scarier, this campaign or the fact that it was awarded at Clio's.

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Okay, I know it's been done a hundred times but I think even the basic idea is flawed.

These people didn't just fall asleep, they passed out drunk. And no amount of cola would have kept them awake.

Unoriginal and Crap.

Juan Pablo De Gamboa's picture
Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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To poor to be Pepsi, but I really laugh with the guy in the sofa... I'm gonna do it sometime!

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Boony wants a beer
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This campaign is why I'm not a fan of the Clio's. They gave it bronze! Bloody hell.

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Ops... I never saw this campaign before.
I like it, especially the guy in the sofa.

This could be a very good concept for a community on-line.

(Bianconiglio is looking for some freelance work)