One few over the cuckoo's nest out of Africa

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January 2011


Print advertisement created by Rubecon, India for Penguin, within the category: Media.


One few over the cuckoo's nest out of Africa
Buy one Penguin classic and get another one FREE!

Advertising Agency: Rubecon, Chennai, India
Associate Creative Director: Elizabeth Jebaraj
Creative Directors: Alexander Zachariah, Meera Zachariah
Visualizer: Dharshini S Kumar
Copywriter: Sajan Prathap Singh
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luispedromendezb's picture

What? the idea?? the concept?? confused

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whatthefudge's picture

What? why do you still comment?? why are you still here?? confused

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everartz's picture

listen just ignore him... i cant believe it that he created 2 accounts to comment using one of them and reply to him self from the other one!
looks like he has schizophrenia like it shows in his profile photo!

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| everartz |

Vingy's picture

Es confuso porque son nombres de libros en su idioma original, igual y aquí los conoces o los has leido pero con la traducción. Es una buena idea

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Copywriter at Advance
luispedromendezb's picture

Entiendo. Gracias.

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Por favor sea considerado y se abstengan de hacer comentarios a ti mismo a la publicidad y todos los individuales. Si tienes algo inteligente que decir, sólo entonces se debe comentar. Como ustedes saben, es muy grosero con la gente molesta. Gracias.

Leo Turk
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copycopycopy's picture

Oh god. Have you ever figured a single ad in here??
Nice Copy but. Like it :-)

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buyandsell's picture

Can't believe that anybody wouldn't get the idea at first glance.

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Ron Burgundy's picture

Perfect for the client, wonder how many titles it took to go through to make 'em work

Ron Burgundy
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LeeHarvey's picture

Not enough I'm afraid

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Creative Director
Yarp's picture

If you read books/ buy them, then you'd get it. However, I think this may have been done before...

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kleenex's picture

I like the concept here. It works for the target market.

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Billoughsby's picture

"Wheel of Fortune"

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That's it.

shahidali's picture

The two name's of classics are not really gelling the way intended and hence failed. Its clear.

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Lazarus's picture

These are lame. Sorry.

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rakhal's picture

bad art

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Anonymous Author's picture

Half the required impact. No Man is an Island of Doctor Moreau would love to get his hands on these. ©

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

Nude Copy's picture

im nt a kid the ad is nt for me

Nude Copy
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jec's picture

I really like this campaign. I think its great for the Target audience. I like how it has a 5 second incubation till you get it. I agree that the titles could have been a little more cleaver and a little more recognizable, but I think over all it works.

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