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OMG...No human should be exposed to this ad.

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quit posting bad ads. please.

Rog's picture
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This is poor thinking... and in a number of ways.
I'm genuinely surprised how mediocre this is. :O

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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maybe the creative idea needs a cup of strong coffee.

cp's picture
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Are you getting clever and twisted ideas and maneuvre yourself thru something with a strong cup of
coffee? I don't really get it.

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I like it it's subtle. The guy dozed off in front of his computer, so it when into screensaver mode. I like the layout as well.

Rog's picture
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Cheers, Stiggy. That one went waaaay over my head! ;)
The line/post-it needs to work harder to connect.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Very nice and subtle...

(BTW, sometimes, i really think this site is full of world-class members, who must produce the absolute best ads in the world. Or, i really live in a very different reality).


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True, too bad we never see their ads on this site...

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That's right, Stigset!!!

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This is nice.
It is not a gold lion idea but it is simple and nice.
It's a low budget idea and hit the target.

Only one thing is missing: appetizing. I would have put an image of a cup, somewear. Also because the tone subject of the photoes is a little cold.
(sorry for my english)

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i love this it grab me your among the other ads

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Thought Dome coffee is not only "wake people up". any lousy coffee can wake people up and why dome? for me, these branded coffee always more than a "drink".

this ad, won't work for me, yes, it make me think of to get a cup of coffee, maybe any cheap instant coffee when i sleepy, but why dome? the identity of Dome of "finest coffee" is not here.

Coffee is hot and with aroma, with this, i only feel cold and square. sorry. cold.

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what is it with the amount of complete GARBAGE coming out of Dubai? Are they somewhat delusional? I smell desperation.

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Time for a new agency.
Y&R Dubai. World's least creative agency.