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December 2010


Print advertisement created by Publicis, United States for Partnership for a Drug-Free America, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


If your child is using drugs, talk to them before it goes too far.
Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Advertising Agency: Publicis, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Director: Simeon Roane
Art Director: Adalberto Santana
Copywriter: Yuri de Castro
Account Director: Marie Mcneely
Account Supervisor: Sara Tavrow
Project Manager: Laura Petraglia
Senior Art Producer: Darielle Smolian
Photographer: Matt Hoyle
Retouchers: Adalberto Santana, P2P
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Kriativity's picture

i didnt get it..

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nezumi's picture

The (heroin) needle will destroy the balloon, which represent your child. So save your child by preventing them from drugs.

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Kriativity's picture

oh..but somehow the balloon is not working for me..

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Thatthang's picture

For me the visual metaphor is really powerful. Well done

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picopalqlea's picture

very well done, but some how looks familiar.

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mediaturge's picture

Well maybe not a fresh idea, but it works here!

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mr.x's picture

Very good!

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Forsbergs Skola
spinsarah's picture

In my opinion, this ad is just sort of strange and not really that helpful... I don't know. I get the message, but it's sort of muddled. Don't really care for this one...

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ace85le's picture

Nothing wow but I guess this will do the job, considering it targets the mass. Not every neglecting parent has the time/brain to care for a more complicated ad.

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sush's picture

really nice and touchy from the art direction to the copy.

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Luikah's picture

I think copy should have been - to them before it`s too late.

When the needle destroys the balloon, there`s no way back, you can`t fix it. Either the copy or the art direction should have been more strong and shocking.

In any way, it doesn`t really work for me.

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Zulu-1's picture

I like the idea very much. It's the execution that I'm not sure about. Maybe they should have went ambient! *Believe Dat*

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soryana's picture

nice idea but that's mean there is no step back

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Dzsoi's picture

I agree with Luikah on the copy, not good with this visual. "Going too far" with a baloon is completely different concept...

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