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I guess this was written by a man. Art direction is painful and contrary to the message.

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all this for we say here in studio c at centrespread you have misXed it.

Nice visual,tight copy for wrong product.

Strong disconnect.

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the art director has serious problems...

the idea of de flower made of the product is nice. but no conection...
where do u find your fonts??? god!
one more question.. are u color-blind?

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Nothing good to say about this one. Wasn't Propel at BBDO Argentina? or is this a scam?

The concept is weak. Take the 7up H2-Oh ads for example, there is a strong idea that connects to the audience, behind the execution.

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What? I sympathize that they are from Argentina, but at least get someone to read the English versions before they get viewed around the world.

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BP petroleum?

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haha... that was also my first intension...

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Para mí es brillante. Creo que pone a las mujeres riéndose de lo que los hombres quieren hacerles creer sobre ellas mismas. Esa es una muy buena forma que la marca encuentra para ponerse del lado de ellas.

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bad art direction. bad title.

No comments around it, we just don't have it yet! (in my opinion)

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