Paria Canyon

May 2007
 Paria Canyon


Advertising Agency: Struck, Salt Lake City, USA
Executive Creative Director: Steve Driggs
Creative Director: Steve Babcock
Copywriter: Steve Babcock
Art Directors: Dan Christofferson, Spencer Jacobs, Mark Rawlins
Production Designer: David Habben
Photographers: Skylar Nielsen, Lee Cohen, John Kelly, Michael Melford, Gary Yeowell
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tantrik_indian's picture

~~be cool eh!~~

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Bruno's picture

amazing photography thoughout the campaign. art direction a little laboured I think. but over-all, great campaign

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Art Director
philippertl's picture

I agree, the photography is amazing, but why all this other fuss. I mean it's clear that you need trekking material, bagpack or whatever and wouldn't walk around with a suit. Too many layers, it's not necessary.
Not very fond of the headlines neither.

For hire and desire ...

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Please vote for us!

jennywhx's picture

i thought it is a website with weird resolution in the first glance, cause it seem to include with button set...:P nice photography but weird layout.

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Other | jwhx:Visionary

MarceloG's picture

Lovely campaign. Beautiful photography and very nice copies. I speacially liked the one that sats "Slowly put down the remote control and walk away from the TV". I just always dreamed abaout saying something like that.

We all should try less TV and more books.
In God I trust

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Art Director
gabrielrodz's picture

I actually like the art direction. The background behind the picture is totally unnecessary but the zippers, the leather, I really like it. Now, the headlines are poor, the only nice headline is this one: "Don't worry. That sensation you're feeling is normal. It's called a heartbeat".

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Art Director
the mighty ham's picture

Nice lines. Yucky art direction.

the mighty ham
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tjb1970's picture

not bad i guess. great photos. overly art directed. the lines need work. i think the TV line is best, the others fall kinda flat for me.

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Creative Director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Trying WAY too hard to be "outdoorsy", but then, that's ALL they got in Utah, the outdoors.
An extremely familiar territory for a tourism ad for this region of the country where they have virtually nothing else other than a few interesting rock formations to attract potential visitors...
Nice headlines, but again, VEEEEEEERY familiar in tone, style and delivery. Art direction-wise, there're too many "chotchkes" throughout the campain to the point of distraction. I think having THREE different ADs working on it pretty much explains the fight/need for attention...

I can pretty much see this campaign getting completely lost among other ads in travel magazines...

Jet Propulsion Lab
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oshe's picture

where is the art director?


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thirty6chambers's picture

is this from the 90's?

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Art Director
Beatboxer's picture

What has identity theft got to do with Utah, in the first place???

I'm not sure about that headline...
Art direction is not bad.

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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

The ECD is new from Fallon/Minneapolis where he used to work on CITI (Identity Theft campaign).
That might have something to do with it. You know, the "residual effect" or a "withdrawal symptom" from previous account.


Jet Propulsion Lab
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noir's picture

es uno de los peores trabajos a nivel grafico de esta pag. boooooooooooooo

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