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Oha-ha! thats good! :)

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Yes Pizza Hut, I hate late! Damn Pizza Hut! I want my money back for the cold pizza!

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Hey, they saved few lives, delivering ER team to patient, police to kidnaped child and couple to church, and you talking about cold pizza, heh?

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I'll pay for your pizza! You poor thing, I can't believe Pizza Hut has traumatized your life. You should work on your comments though, they're irrelevant.

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I like it! Congrats :)

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bronze lion. jealous?

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Men nurse are GAY...
So are the tripplets on a mopet!

Pizza Hut is Gay

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Its called a moped.

Are you insinuating that being gay is bad?

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I think delivering so fast, the rider will need the paramedics...

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hahahahahaha what i like about this forum is that we are seeing ads but after 3 or 4 comments nobody cares all that matters is the damage that u can do to the people that wrote the comment before thanks Ivan this is the best therapy

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euclid the gree...
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I like the lighting. . . mala-taylor james ng onti . . . swak sa background

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It's all too overworked. Pizza Hut can do better than this.

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Over here Domino's advertise free if not in 30 minutes and when you call them, they tell you upfront that the delivery will take 60 minutes and the way these delivery guys ride their bikes is suicidal.

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saving other people's lives. how about themselves? no helmets needed?

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you did not include manny vailoses name