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cute dog, no idea

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is he crying?

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I have a great bag of feelings for u LisAD. But I guess they won't work on you.

There is an idea and there is a statement. Maybe you were looking for a cuter dog, maybe with angel wings or some such.

Simple ideas are the best.

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Very effective ad.Nice.

Jonathan Betancur

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These ads make me so sad! There's nothing I can do, because I can't have a dog where I live. And btw, Pedigree is the shittiest dog food ever.

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I don't care whether or not these work. Stick a pug in an ad and I'm sold.

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If this ad were done by another “no name” agency the sentiment on this forum would be less then favorable. Call a spade a spade. The idea is weak, the writing is weak and the art direction is horrible.

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Dude shutup. If you don't like it, explain why. Don't just state that it's bad as if your opinion were a fact.

For what it is, the idea seems pretty suitable for what this ad is for, the writing decently gets the point across, and the art direction straight forward and direct. There's nothing confusing about this ad and you get the message. Not every ad is meant to win gold awards to impress hipster ad-knowitalls like you, who are probably still in school or just graduated and now think they know what great advertising is. Most advertising is dependent on what the client wants to do, not the agency. Put down the annuals and open your eyes.

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not good...

| everartz |

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good point vwray81!

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pugs are so much in fashion. sure this dog's goa a home. you liars, you.

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Defend it all ya want. The ad is still shit. Look at the typography for Christ’s sake. It looks like a first year ad student did this.

Sure I realize that not everything is meant to win awards or impress the industry at large. I’ve produced my share of shit ads as well. Sometimes it’s the agency’s fault for not pushing for better work or sometimes is the client’s fault for not buying off on better creative. Whatever. It happens. But I sure wouldn’t dream of submitting them to this site or any other award show with the notion that its within the same league as the majority of work on this site.

This site and others like it should set the bar on great creative. Not haphazardly accept ads as “good” because they come from reputable agencies.

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being a copywriter, i am impressed with the copy....
Keep Rocking!!

The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.

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I'm doing a dissertation on this campaign and I can't find it...
Please Help !!

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Works for me... it tugged on my heartstrings and that's what is "effective".... don't give a rat about the typography.