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March 2010

Sorry, Cannes Lions! This year we submitted only this idea, since we decided to dedicate the budget for the competition to the victims of devastating Haiti earthquake.
Advertising Agency: Original, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Print advertisment created by Original, Slovenia for Original, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

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ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
Activity Score 814

hahahahaha... this one is gunning for a Cannes and may even win it!

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Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

there's only one problem. they didn't donate. and that's a fact.

jamesrothenburg's picture
Activity Score 554

And you know this how?

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

I'd know, believe me.

dsklan's picture
Activity Score 1926

they said they donate the budget, and i guess there is no budget;)

tubito's picture
Activity Score 107

It is good...but speculate with Haiti to win Cannes it's not so great.
even if they did donate, i don't believe they deserve a price. But a mention would be nice. They deserve that for sure

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

Agree. If they enter this into any award show, then it's a lie.


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siek two's picture
siek two
Activity Score 24

yes, sorry about that!

Aznev's picture
Activity Score 21

I agree with siek two.

veneg's picture
Activity Score 45

riding on other people's misfortunes for an award really doesn't do it !

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
Activity Score 834

Yeah...poor sense and sensibility.

AXAY555's picture
Activity Score 582

common read the line again it says they dedicated the money which was to be used for submitting more entries to Haiti earthquake affected people. If there are more entries it means more chance to win instead they submitting just 1 entry. they hav actually helped poor people instead of increasing their chance to win this does deserve to get nominated.

jsjv's picture
Activity Score 41

Well I think they should enter this because they're saying that they haven't invested in a better idea, which they would have, but instead used that money for better use. But by mentioning their good deed they're beating the purpose, but then again if they don't mention this fact, then their ad becomes weak. It's a double-edged sword, I tell you.

dsklan's picture
Activity Score 1926

had they ever submitted an ad to cannes before?!

desiideas's picture
Activity Score 88

Lame! I wanna use some serious cuss words for this one.

AXAY555's picture
Activity Score 582

ya go ahead use some seriuos cuss words to those who are helping Haiti earthquake affected people instead of sending more entries to Cannes.

mosho's picture
Activity Score 298

i didn't get it
does anyone make it clear to me :??

Mohamed El Mahdy

reject_subject's picture
Activity Score 209

"This year we submitted only this idea" - so they'are saying that they did submit, and it ONLY this idea, so, any conversation about will they enter any festival is unnecessary

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
Activity Score 1808

Well, why don't they send something good enough to cannes instead of this crap?

Agree with Tubito: "...but speculate with Haiti to win Cannes it's not so great."

whatthefudge's picture
Activity Score 1266

Wow, that sucks in all aspects.

gon_enelcamino's picture
Activity Score 838

"Sorry cannes lions!"?? come on guys, you are not almap bbdo...

xcreativity's picture
Activity Score 2374

good one! they might win.. who knows

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Corbeen's picture
Activity Score 1093

so if i am jury i would say I am donating ur award or your short list to some less hypocritical ad.

chinaski's picture
Activity Score 951

There's been a hell of an earthquake and these guys are seeking awards, using it... Very humane.

Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
Activity Score 223

Its very bad taste to say that you donated to something, and even more if you are trying to get some award for it.

Just donate and keep to yourself, the world dont need your words, it needs your help.

Very bad ad...

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3734

Cannes is serious .... nice idea but that's all.

Simple ideas are the best !

Ensamblador's picture
Activity Score 239

Wrong. Is not right to do things like this this.

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8532

Submitting to Cannes costs money. Having a good idea costs nothing. You are a liar and you are not creative. Anything else you want to say about yourself? Oh, yeah, you want: "Sorry Cannes Lions!" - so you are a pathetic egoist as well. Good self-promo I would say.

sintra's picture
Activity Score 699

surfing on others problems not so cool

CABAZORRO's picture
Activity Score 366

otro copy hubiese funcionado...

Viranica's picture
Activity Score 230

I don't like it.

Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
Activity Score 845

I hope they do win just to see the spin

DanielDDB's picture
Activity Score 53

as long as its generating these controversy like this. it has a big chance

naveedbaloch's picture
Activity Score 24

and the winner is.....