September 2007

The mechanics should be thinking on a second choice.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Reyes
Creative Directors: Mariano Duhalde, Maximiliano Sanchez
Head of Art: Maximiliano Sanchez
Art Directors: Pablo Carrera, Diego Fernandez Brun
Copywriters: Alexis Alvarez, Hernan Kritzer

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elmikel's picture
Activity Score 1147

There must be something wrong with the translation. It doesn't make sense...although I know what they're trying to say.
Nice art direction, idea is nothing new.

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

this is Toyota strategy! where's the Power of Dreams?

pablomartinm's picture
Activity Score 23

Honda tiene a mi gusto el mejor concepto de marca. The power of dreams. Mundialmente la creatividad da vueltas alrededor de el. Se que es un aviso de motos porque conozco sus logos. Pero la gente no. No sólo no lo entiendo el aviso. (no se entiende el titular traducido) Sino que no le encuentro sentido al intentar comprenderlo. Muchachos a laburar. No se olviden que la parte de autos la tiene sterman-viggiano. Y esto es más malo que lo que hacen ellos.
Por lo menos así lo veo yo.

Corner Store's picture
Corner Store
Activity Score 229

I'm seeing a lot of ads from many countries that misuse the English language, or at least don't use it that well. They spend all this money on a photographer, models, designer, and whatever else, how much does a competent translator cost? Or an English speaking Copywriter? Do these ads really go to print?

kurtberengeiger's picture
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Corner, I'm sure these adverts run in the country of origin's native language. Internal guideline copy for international adaption isn't the same thing (or does it incur the same costs) as translations for award-show presentations.

Besides all that, I'm really tired or origami adverts.

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Corner Store
Activity Score 229

Thanks, that makes more sense.

chen115chen's picture
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it means the cat is so heaith,so the repairman always have nothing to do.
they had better see this job as a part-time job~~~~~is that right?


fractalrene's picture
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The creatives should be thinking on a second choice.