Organ donation, Brain

August 2006

This campaign is designed to recruit young creatives for the advertising agency Serviceplan in Germany. The flight of 4 posters provokingly asks graphic design and advertising students, who are willing to “donate” their brains, hearts and eyes for good advertising to apply for a job at Serviceplan.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan München/Hamburg, Germany
Creative directors: Carlos Obers
Art Director: Sonja Färber
Copywriter: Carlos Obers
Account Executive: Sybille Stempel
Photography: Saulo Bambi, Florence

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vampires' association looking for young blood?

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Okay. And this makes me want to look into organ donation because...

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it's not promoting organ donation in the literal sense. It's an agency looking for the best 'eyes, brains, hearts, etc.' in the business.

By donating your eyes, you're going to go work for them.

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okay thanks - i didnt read the caption

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And aren't we suppsed to avoid showing an eye, writing "eye" and then using an arrow to point the eye out? It's an ad aimed at creatives - we get it! We get it!

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thtz just to give it a more feel of it...
imagine it without th arrow n th caption

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Me encanta esta idea para reclutamiento. sarcastico pero refrescante.

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The idea is sound. The visual, striking. But the copy, needs a lot of work (probably, translated from German). If you guys need a copywriter, feel free to get in touch with me. Danke!

1. emotion + insight + debunking category = Ad

2. Fresh strategy + vivid execution = Award

3. Idea + Co-opting culture = Brand Momentum

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GAS!! Que asco!!!! Y yo creo que ayudar a alguien no debe dar asco!!!