Hiding, 3

July 2013

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Oral-B, within the category: Health.

You never know what could be hiding in your mouth.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo André Bione
Art Director: Pedro Martoli
Copywriter: Marcelo Miazzi
Photographer: Shutterstock

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baliais's picture
Activity Score 2618

No.. it looks stupid

BLACKPIXEL's picture
Activity Score 468

not working

Shawali's picture
Activity Score 8442

I've seen some pretty lame ads from MAS on the front page, but this campaign takes the cake.

Uploading these ads is a disservice to the students who committed them as well as for MAS.

It cheerfully breaks the golden rule that is avoiding infamous figures such as dictators or terrorists in advertising. But it would have been OK if the concept behind it was great. Unfortunately, the idea itself is just plain stupid, almost an insult to the intelligence of the viewer. Unless the target audience are zombies and cannibals.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

monoliz's picture
Activity Score 1304

artwork is terrible, idea is worse

UNTTLD_'s picture
Activity Score 101

Orange text on pink background? It's like an optic illusion o.O and copy: ''you never know what's hiding inside your mouth'' is only a path to the actual idea, an insight, looks like they rushed a bit

Mick Fly's picture
Mick Fly
Activity Score 149

No. No idea here.

stke's picture
Activity Score 274

Jesus Christ. No.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50502

I know what is hiding in your teeth. ONE very crappy ad idea.

faissalo's picture
Activity Score 728

bad taste.

Nice init