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November 2008


Print advertisement created by FCB, Venezuela for Optica Caroni, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Directors: Macoco Moreira, Carlos Rusconi
Art Directors: Daniel Caiman Méndez, Francisco Kalatayú Jimenez
Copywriter: Diógenes Méndez
Photographer: Harold Gonzalez
Sculptures: Francisco Kalatayú Jimenez, Daniel Caiman Méndez
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What's That? :)
It's a very absurd

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they probably were stoned while doing this

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bola bola

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Original approach.

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No esta mal el arte, pero sin idea ni concepto de nada sirve.

elnietodeNicho's picture

el concepto es muy claro, protege a tus ojos del sol. se me hace un approach diferente y original pero la idea no es la gran cosa.

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Approach diferente?? Esa es la función básica de los lentes de sol!!!

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My assumption is that those eyeballs are using sunglasses from a shop called Caroni to protect themselves from the sun. But, why would that make me go to Caroni to buy a pair of shades, I've no idea at all :))

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Eye see what they have one.

This is -almost- better than the ad.

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I don't have any idea to say it! Protect eye from sunny sun, is it?

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annasamara's picture

Oh, come on. It is hilarious :) Makes me want a new pare of sunglasses. But I agree, I am not sure the brand is used very effectively.
The logo feels like an after thought. I can just hear it now: "well the client insists we use their stupid logo,
so I guess we can stick it here in the corner."
If I was driving on the highway at 85 mils per hour (i am a fast driver :) no way would I would pay attention to the logo.

Annya A. Uslontseva
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three eyeballs?

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Did anyone see the coke zero spot with the two eyeballs and the tongue?

That just sounded like i was trying to start a joke,
Did you hear the one about the baby seal that walked into a club

Bundy Agency
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why 3??????

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protects your 3rd eye as well

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You're trying to sell sunglasses right? So shouldn't the eyeballs look less strained behind the glasses? Nice illustrations/sculptures though.

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At some future point in human evolution, the planet will become devoid of civilization as humans are reduced, through watching television and browsing the Web, to the only body parts left that they use. Humans, now anthropomorphic eyeballs, will cower in fear behind the detritus of their previous civilizations, unsure how to make new sunglasses.

Humans will then become extinct.

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Funny work. I like it. Guys in Venezuela have very good stuff. Do you include crack in the invoice?

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It's a freakin' shield people!

Guest's picture

this is the second add i sow today with valiant idea i guess the world politics and news leading our creativity ...

peace and love

Imwrittenwith-c-and-ai's picture

Full on freaky! Gosh I love that better than my own stuff! :-)
(e.g. the Amboss-hairdo-Insects)

You better DONT enter this to any competitions next year!
Or I`ll track you guys down and I`ll I`LL...

No serious great.

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