Fish molecules

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December 2009


Additional credits: Production House: Technicolor

Print advertisement created by Bleublancrouge, Canada for Opinel, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montreal, Canada
Creative Director: Gaetan Namouric
Art Directors: Julien Conter, Cyril Drouot
Copywriter: Melanie Delisle
Illustrator: Odrey Veillette
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Art Director
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Art Director
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I also hate how petrified they look.

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Copywriter |


Not all who wander are lost.

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this is even more sad than the piggy one

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they look petrified and they look as if sperm armies are chasing them... hmmm... knives you say?

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Other at AUBG |

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... Come again?

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lost in translation...

deep dave
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Art Director at Grey South Africa
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These just do not work....on any level, not even a molecular one!

Phil Lestino
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the pork one is better

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good visual, that's all.

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Alexandre Brito
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The visual means shit if the message doesn't get through.

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Hard to get they are molecules. I just understood cause I read the ad's name.

Marlus Lau
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Art Director at Editora O Estado do Paraná / Pós-graduação na Unicuritiba
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A good try, but it's a fail.

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Art Director
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Definitly bad.

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Director of Creation - Copywriter
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Excelent visual, but concept is too complicated to understand! To bad!

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It fails because its way too farfetched

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Fish has cells, non atoms. in addition this is too complicated.

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Creative Director
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And cells are the smallest units in a living organism? I don't think so.
First I thought it says you can cut the fish into molecules with this knife, but then I saw the huge cut at the back, so I don't get it anymore.

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Copywriter at junior copywriter
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Like the visual

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Graphic Designer
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Nice visual but no idea behind.

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Simple ideas are the best !

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...a chemistry drop out student finds a part time job in the agency...

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probably biology / bio-chemistry drop out

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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To understand the general people need to carry a definition with the ad for the image...? Visualwise ... OK... can agree but not with the idea.

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Art Director at A&D Advertising (Pvt) Ltd.
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Absolutely nothing about this says precision.

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Art Director
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where's the precision ?!

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Creative Director
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I suspect some audience, somewhere, knows right off what this means when they see the brand name wed to the visual.

Reminds me why some people are vegetarians.

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Art Director |

That's it.

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