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Activity Score 4899

this one kinda works if you imagine the kid dug it like that. but the soil should still be soil. the other two don't work at all for me.

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Activity Score 6080

Talks to parent's (Dads) playfully. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 1935

simple, nice. I would have made the soil more sand pit looking ie. more whiter
It looks too photoshoped, superimposed.

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Activity Score 828

I like it very much. The execution don't bother me.

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Activity Score 2822

This is cool!

It takes me back to when me and my mate did a similar 'quarry pit' thing as kids.

And I agree with Rog, it would speak to nostalgic men of a certain age (young dad's) - Therefore I think it works a treat!

It's only an ad.

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This one sings. The others hum.

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Activity Score 64

nice grading Dennis

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Why is it the toy and game category just straight up bite each other soooo bad...Seriously let's show a toy in real world situations--over and over again. Matchbox, Risk, Tonka, they're all the same concept. Now I'll shut up and enjoy it because I don't really care--they're all pretty.

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The concept sells. Thats more important. Well, it sure must have been directed to the parents.