December 2006

Do you know what a white Christmas in Rio would mean? One day less of beach.

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Ofcourse we know that. So?

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Funny... I used to work with a pretty big Brasilian brand, who told me that the government was tired of Brasilian cliche - samba, asses and beaches - and wanted to present a more rounded picture of Brasil to the world. Presumably avoiding the more violent aspects of the favelas. Anyway, seems like they were wrong or the government changed their mind. Cliche, no?

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This is not a government campaign.

It's for a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro.
(it is supposed to represent the spirit of rio)

I personally don't like the concept, and hate the retouching.

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i don't really know what this ad's trying to tell me but i think it's eyecatching and this artificial toy look seems quite appropriate to get across this whole consumption's paradise thing