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December 2009

Pen Series camera has over 50 years of history, one of the selling point of the camera is its timeless metal design body.

Print advertisment created by Turn, Hong Kong for Olympus, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Pen. The New Timeless.

Advertising Agency: Turn, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Tony Hon
Art Directors: Wai Ng, Steven To
Copywriter: Tony Hon
Photographer: Hei
Photo Retoucher: James / Surreal

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Activity Score 436

Pain to understand. Nothing so great about this.

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Activity Score 454

It gives sense of tiredness. Did you see his facial expressions and moved neck. LETHARGIC!!!

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Activity Score 470

If the design of the camera is so timeless and iconic, why do you need the model?

silvi's picture
Activity Score 4172

Xplain me before i get sleep

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lara nyc
Activity Score 55

OH MY GOD! SO bad.....

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thanks to the egency, i'm being able to write my fovourite expression of reaction:

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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next time be more elucidative


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Activity Score 2

Well the creatives are suppose to use classic icons, i.e. James Dean (a look alike featured here) to say TIMELESS.
Nevertheless it took some time for me to realize that so I guess it is not a good piece of communication.
Also the B&W photography could have been better executed.

thenewguy's picture
Activity Score 127

Yeah, after a bit, and reading the info, I finally focused on the camera, not the movie star lookalike or poor contrast. Then I saw that it does have a classic, timeless look. That metaphor, with half-hidden fake stars, is not working. In fact, it cheapens the product.

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Looks tired...^^