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April 2008

Print advertisment created by JWT, Australia for Olympus, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Optical zoom. Olympus

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Directors: Andy DiLallo, Jay Benjamin
Creative Group Head / Art Director: John Lam
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Jason Ross
Typographer: Jeffrey Oley
Photographer: Adam Taylor
Retoucher: Electric Art
Account Service: Peter Bosilkovski

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theanc's picture
Activity Score 2783

Sure. Like everything else in advertising. Excellent campaign.

esteb's picture
Activity Score 673

You see so close that you don't see.
Is this a plus?'s picture
Activity Score 36

esteb, u write idiot comment.
Is this a plus?

ivan's picture

It's not meant to be taken literally. It's a poetic exaggeration.

theanc's picture
Activity Score 2783

Sure. Like everything else in advertising. Excellent campaign.

Inverted's picture
Activity Score 193

Matt Damon

mingmac's picture
Activity Score 16

I like the quality of the photos, very beautiful. I love the detail of feather.

booble's picture
Activity Score 89

nice :-)

the Pun-isher's picture
the Pun-isher
Activity Score 228

Can anyone explain. It seems we all come to this site for some kind of inspiration-i know i do.but these days all the ads tend to look and feel the same. If we all creatives pool their resources from the same place, isn't it natural that all the concepts and ads look the same. Take the above campaign for instances-I've seen this idea on this exact same site a few months ago.
Yes I know...blah, blah, get to the point.

Don't google your concept or use this as your only point of entry. Go see a play/Opera/ gang shootout or Koala giving birth. Get away from your desk and interact with real people.

ivan's picture

You're right. But there is always a next level. Getting inspiration from different sources is indeed very useful.

mikepants2005's picture
Activity Score 504

Surely they should have had a guy with a huge pair of breasts in his face!

ivan's picture

Haha! Nice. ;)

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080

...and THERE'S our viral campaign!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

FlyingDogs's picture
Activity Score 968

Nicely executed; unfortunately though, I've seen this concept before. Nikon, Nokia and an Indian binocular brand).


lucciano marisio's picture
lucciano marisio
Activity Score 166

No me gusta para nada, siempre repitiendo las mismas ideas