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I don't think it needs a support line. Just Lebanoff would have been a clever enough line.

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Well, you need to put a call-to-action. Muscat City Centre is asking for
emergency aid to Lebanon. It's a charity drive launched at the mall
(posters, roll-ups, donation box). So I think it's necessary.

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Dear Guest, I deleted both of your comments. Please stop using bad langauge. You can disagree, but do not offend.

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May not appeal to the creative minds, but goes well with common intelligence. Good one!

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Some of the photos coming out of Lebanon are absolutely gut-wrenching. I don't think a type-only solution has the same emotional pull. Plus I don't really get it. Will the aid help restore electrical power to the country? If not, it's really a forced pun.

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At a shopping centre you do not expect people to pay so much attention to many graphic elements ... a type solution that has a powerful message that the local/arab people can easily interpret is perfect ...

everbody knows why lebanon is OFF ... no doubt ... if someone doesnt then he/she has an awareness problem ..

simplicity of the idea doesnt undermine its communicational strength ... on the contrary, it adds to it.

Now, most of all, it is about being part of the comunication in reaching out to lebanon ...

I think it shouldnt be easily looked at or underrated for being simple.

besides, it has had other Image application, it just did not go up here ... very nice image.

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HAHAHA! get it? it ends in ON so they changed it to OFF! LOL.... not.

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who will donate after seeing this ad? its not giving any feeling to me. very much forced idea. hey guys
come can do better

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I guess thats the beauty of this ad. The word play is so strong that it will matter to those who care.
Besides, I think its refreshing to see a no visual ad for aid as the Tv screens and the newspapers are full of images that really gut wrench oneself. So give it to these guys, will ya!

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Don´t kink that this kind of ad has to be very creative. They are seeking for some money. The message is clear and straight to the point. If you make the people think too much, especially for this particular type of ad (association, NGO)they forget what they are asked. It´s already a big effort for some to take five dollars out of their wallet...Do you really think they want brainwork in addition?...

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How stupid and naive. 1st idea.

"Assume nothing, question everything."