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October 2008

Print advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Peru for Nin World, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Quórum Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi Lima, Peru
Creative: Jaime Chehade
Art Directors / Illustrators: Victor Curo, Renato Peña, Jorge Gogin, Saúl Abad
Creative Director: Jaime Chehade
Executive Creative Director: Oscar Garcia

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Amazing...really nice.
how cant you understand it!!!!!!But the target will get it.
well done.

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Guest commenter

Why? What ?its perfect. Love it.
He smoked, he met the psp now he uses his hands for that, its breaks he goes back to smoking.
It sells repair in a lovely way.

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What? (2)



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What? (3)

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i don't get it

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i got it, he smoked weed, then discovered the fun of the psp, it broke and as a result of that he started smoking weed again. That's why he must go to NIN WORLD.

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wtf? I don't get it!!! N.E.1 can explain me?

No encuentro el rumbo creativo para esta pieza... creo que no se entiene muy bien!

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Guest commenter

easy. cleaver. nice.

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What? (4)

Maybe Guest commenter can explain why this is "easy. clever. nice."

Porfavor, expliquen esto.

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a copywriter

cr_ad, toto_ads, herradura, gilsem, onurb and the rest of you so called "writers"
with no regard to this print campaign (it reminds me the "don't let their toys die")
are you really in the industry or you are just wannab's?
you are all probably students with a shitty portfolio
give me some links to your work
and than we'll talk

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Guest commenter

This campaign is quite strange i love it i am the target lol.

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kinda cheap =/

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Guest commenter


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this reminds me of the below 42 vodka ad that saatchi & saatchi NY did

But this a really watered down version kinda lost it all together...

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Guest commenter

this is nice work.well done

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Liked 5 of the 8. Some suck but the main idea its lovely. Bravooooo

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Bundy Agency
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Can't help but feel like all the guest comments are coming from the one agency.

less than average work, almost a nice thought but should have pushed it.

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I totally agree with Thomas Wenborn : it reallly feels like the good comments have been written by the creatives themselves, lol. Because there are so much better ads for PSP !

Like the one made by TBWA Espana (silver lion at Cannes this year), where a criminal has been litteraly handcuffed around a pillar, thanks to a PSP (instead of handcuffs).

Or the other ad with a guide dog (usually used by blind people, but in this ad, by a PSP player). Or the Gold lion called "Prison", in 2005, for Gameboy Advance : the scene took place in the visiting room, with a prisoner who was putting her hand on the window, where as the visitor had only raised his bare foot (we could deduce that he was playing Gameboy).

So much more imaginative than these old tricks with a poor artistic direction (saying people prefer PSP to TV or other things, wow, what an idea!!).

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and the calender month execution has been done to death.

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// the creatives themselvs comment always the stuff they've been done. especially up here!
"ey you neighbor ... poste a comment and tell your friends to post ... bla bla blubb." -.-

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Cookie Monster

creator needs to be a little more receptive to criticism. It is a good idea but I question whether there needs to be so many of these ads. It would have been a stronger presentation in this forum if you had limited the number of submissions of this campaign to 3 ads.
(Just for reception purposes)

Remember that you need to draw people in to look at the ad and to devote enough time to reading and understanding small icons. Is there anything in the zoomed out view that is eye catching or intriguing enough to get the consumer to spend the time to understand this ad? This ad takes over ten seconds to understand and the consumer doesn't have that time. I would have suggested making the icons a little bigger and making the overall form of the ad a little more engaging.

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The true

This idea was made like 100 times before. And 8 ads with the same stupid idea is crazy.

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Dusan Zica
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why should anyone quit smoking weed because od PSP? it perfectly comes one with another.

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Guest commenter

My guess is that its not about quit smoking. Someone gets very high, then plays psp, as a result of being high he breaks it, he feels bad for breaking it and star smoking again.

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Dusan Zica
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and where's the benefit then? we can not repair your PSP, so you should go back to weed and stoner rock?


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Looks like a Gameboy Advance -1st Generation- to me. Just an observation.

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oooh... brilliant one! simple and daily life!