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August 2008

Print advertisment created by Zig, Canada for New York Fries, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Zig, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Allan Mah
Writer: Jason Buback
Planner: Subtej Nijjar
Project Manager: Erin Wilbur
Team Leader: Leslie Hunter
Photography: Michael Graf
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Studio Assistance: Julie Riley

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@ above

Yes. definitely a win, graced with aftermarket 34G bolt ons. I thought it was Puma Swede with her 32Fs.
Wether you like handfuls or not, ad's clear as glass. Nice, but not for the prudish.

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Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

sooo bad dude......

nice boobs though!

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Activity Score 1449

Isn't that some porn chick?

Quite really.

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Activity Score 470

Isn't it more likely to be some Photoshop?

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Activity Score 74


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Activity Score 111

can't understand the used font's proper. it's any kinda interesting? or it should've needed any work more?


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Activity Score 6692

it an ok campaign. Not wow but working. and i think it's very clever to have a campaign, where you can show fake boobs and stuff and say "we're natural" at the same time.

and i like the line

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Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

The woman is pretty hot and distracts from the message.

If she looked almost freakish with her big boobs then you'd get the message more.

Over made up with a fake grin and super high heels and an super frilly dress.

Then you'll sell something.

Probably not the fries though.


"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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She does look Freakish you idiot. Or does Porn Star boobs look NORMAL to YOU!!!

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Activity Score 42

Silicon Boobs Vs. Real Fries...i get the idea but what are real fries? Fries are fries and nothing complicated about it! People even think McDonald's serves potato fries where as they are not! So this question of real or fake fries is to early to be raised!

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Activity Score 6692

just read the copy ;)

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Activity Score 365

Hurrah for fake!

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David Hasselblad
Activity Score 120

Looks like the kind of idea you half jokingly blurt out before moving on to the real work.

Weak art direction.

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Activity Score 58

Sorry. But I don't like it as much as the other stuff zig has been doing. I like the idea but the execution needs some more work.
nice try.

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Activity Score 843

funny thing is thats puma swede she is a famous pornstar for having huge great breasts that are REAL

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Activity Score 153

Natural fries... the damage to my arteries is the same even if they were fake fries... Are there fake fries?
Fake boobs... mhh... no, they wouldn't hurt me in any way.
Ok, I got the message: "have a good time eating the natural fries while you stare at fake boobs".

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Activity Score 906

Nice Bimbo!!!

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Activity Score 229

The fries look good.

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Activity Score 1857

yes, this ad is not for the ladies of the sir mixalot persuasion (silicone parts are made for toys), but i bet it will sell some fries. i do have a problem with the copy. the headline is good, but lose the punctuation. the body copy is boring. the tag reads well but there must be a better way to slow you down between words.

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Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

the rev. sir mixalot now buddy

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Activity Score 412

nice headline!
bodytext is not needed at all.
sex sells, truth even more!

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Activity Score 30

The real problem with this ad is that it attempts to make some "high-minded" point about its product but capitalizes on the audience's baser instincts to garner attention to the add. Basically, they act like they have some principles and then use a sleazy, cheap trick to advertise it.

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Guest commenter


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Disappointed to see that the others aren't up here yet.... These ads are all over the metro lines in Toronto. There was one with mexican wrestlers and another with an old woman wearing leopard skin. Pretty good i thought !!!

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Its Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

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@ above

Yes. definitely a win, graced with aftermarket 34G bolt ons. I thought it was Puma Swede with her 32Fs.
Wether you like handfuls or not, ad's clear as glass. Nice, but not for the prudish.