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November 2010

Print advertisment created by 358, Finland for Nelonen, within the category: Media.

Us Finns have always been chasing achievements.

Advertising Agency: 358, Finland
Creative Director: Ale Lauraéus
Copywriter: Taro Korhonen
Graphic designer: Mark Nurmi
Agency producer: Roosa Rudkiewitcz
Account Manager: Milla Kokko
Photographer: Pekka Mustonen

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CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

You see... No. This is an angry man mowing his lawn. That is all this is. Why do you think this is an advert for anything?

Guest's picture

What an earth is this? Please do explain me what achievements have to no with a TV-channel and why this advertising would be in any way relevant to me? This kind of marketing communication is the reason people think advertising is nonsense and it doesn´t work, because this shit doesn´t. Why bother translate total shit and send it here to be judged by piranas who eat you guys alive?

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
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They have achieved a new low in the art of advertising

Guest's picture

Hahahahahahaaaaaaah! This is the bottom. Can't make anything worse than this shite!

Sack 'em! These guys stink!!!!

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Anybody know anything about Finnish identity and pride? I don't have time to do the homework here, sorry. The site revealed nothing relating to this that I could decipher, btw.

There seems to be something missing here, unless the in-joke simply IS that Finland is perceived by those self-appointed hipsters who live there as an embarrassing hillbilly backwater where mowing your lawn or plowing your field is high achievement. Odder things have happened.

(Star rating withheld pending explainers making a convincing case for this apparent rubbish.)

That's it.