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dude chill out enjoy the ad.... then in a sentce or two give helpful instructions on how to improve...

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cool idea. nice art.

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jackal hunts
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Loved the concept, may be the copy would have been better :)

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la idea és molt bona. l'execusió no m'agrada.

Pau Marquès
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I can see from the creative team listed that no experts were brought into the discussion. It's a shame that an entity as profound as National Geographic and globally known for their expansive documentation of the world and used to educate its inhabitants couldn't research this topic fully before embarking on such a weak emotional plea.

The fact of the matter is the smoke seen from the cooling towers is merely steam and the smoke from the taller slimmer flutes consists primarily of nitrogen and carbon dioxide found in the air we breath. The particulates and polluting nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are "scrubbed" and processed before being released at very small percentages and as technology advances each year decreasing in toxicity.

On-point, why would an alien species of presumably superior technology and having mastered power generation, if we are merely a joke to them, only laugh at us? Why are they so cruel as to not assist in advancing our technology to our mutual benefit?

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dude chill out enjoy the ad.... then in a sentce or two give helpful instructions on how to improve...

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When I first saw those nuclear reactor towers I thought isn't that just steam since when has that been bad. I believe that nuclear power is clearly green than the alternative so I have to agree with you that this is not the best ad for a few reasons, firstly it plays on fear, secondly it targets those who really cat fact check all that well (children) and lastly because it involves aliens who are mocking the world and that is not a good message to send making fun of people is bad.

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nice campaign like it

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It will Make everybody Think!!

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Without over-analyzing this on points, it's a small, funny bit that you get immediately. A perfect heart-in-the-right-place ad for kids. Well why not?

That's it.

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Don't know, something just feels really off. Can't help but love the illustration, so congrats on the art direction, but for me the idea just doesn't sit right. don't know if i hate it! not sure???

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wait a minute - why would i care what the little green men think, as long as they're not blasting earth off the face of the universe. just like, why would i care what fairies and unicorns think...