September 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Canada for Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

With MS every move is a struggle. Donate to the MS Society of Halton.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Todd Cornelius
Copywriter: Jamie Marcovitch
Photographer: Shanghoon

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ziad hamdan
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Crisp One
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nice visual metaphor... scary looking though

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Also a little confusing though, as the hand exerciser is usually used to strengthen hands and fingers. So one would have to read the line to make things clear. I thought at first, it could seem as though the contraption could actually help MS sufferers.

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This has been done by an ad that says everything is handmade and also another one that talks about the strength of an adhesive.
It doesn't make me want to donate I guess is what I;m driving at, even when I havent seen the other ads that look like it. This doesn't actually convey a struggle to my mind.

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the fingers do look pretty gross, but i like the idea. though, i think i would sympathize more if instead of a hand press (or whatever it's called) the item was more everyday like a telephone or a kitchen appliance.

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This made me think of a butcher store

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potent, but weird.


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hm i like the impression this ad gives you. but MS sooner or later leads to full paralysis and in the and death. this ad makes MS seem more harmless, than it actually is. but this is a good way to raise awareness, i guess

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Saw 2 - Jigsaw is back!!

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back with shadow puppets!

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Ed Mintone
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hi five!

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I think there are several ways to say it better. Really.

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I like first reaction was of pain. SO i think it's effective coz it makes u cringe. point made, job done.


Not all who wander are lost.

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Amsterdam, The ...

Anyone that has ever broken his arm/hand/whatever, will know how hard it is to squeeze one of these during revalidation. And that is what this ad is trying to explain, it's hard for someone with MS to even put their fingers together. (as hard as it is to squeeze for you)

But i agree, it's a bit sinister...